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How to Become the Zen Master of 360 Feedback

Wednesday, May 30th 2018 at 10:00 AM IST

There's a saying among seasoned HR professionals - "Phew…our 360 is done. Now the work begins!" There's a lot of truth to this saying. In fact, there's no question. The engagement that is required AFTER the reports are generated are the actions that will make or break your 360 process.

Understanding how to design a 360*,clearly setting expectations with your employees, going about collecting feedback and post-survey discussions requires a unique blend of technical competence, listening skills, engagement, empathy and a focus on accountability. We call that being a 360 Zen Master!

Dr.Cabot Jaffee, CEO of AlignMark Inc and Board Advisor at Learngage, is an expert in the field of assessments having created valid HR tools over the last 30 years for several global organisations. In this one-hour session, he shares best practices in designing 360* assessments, how to structure a productive feedback discussion, how to prepare for the session, what to say (and what NOT to say), and how to deal with the tough cases you are almost certain to encounter.

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